Person wearing suit facing away at the end of a white table looking out window of white room DXI Capital, armed with cash, looks to rebuild anew after divesting from oil

The Vancouver-based company sold its energy assets in the summer of 2020, including its...

5 days, 23 hours ago

Cobalt market set to be in deficit for ten years, says UBS, as price surges

Cobalt is used extensively in batteries, particularly for electric vehicles

2 weeks, 1 day ago
Deep dive

Solar deal launches Eco Atlantic as a growing diversified energy company

“The issue is the relative challenge of surfacing the oil. In our case we see many supporting...

on 26/1/21
Deep dive

Falcon Oil & Gas delighted with Australian government support of Beetaloo...

The exploration and appraisal programme will include the drilling and hydraulic fracture...

on 21/12/20
Deep dive

Touchstone Exploration on a drilling roll at Ortoire project

NGC agreement provides a stable, multi-decade revenue stream for Touchstone to fully develop the...

on 18/12/20

Transglobe Energy present at the Proactive One2One investment forum

Transglobe Energy's (LON:TGL) Randy Neely (CEO) & Geoff Probert (VP & COO) pitch to investors at the Proactive One2One investment forum. TransGlobe Energy Corporation is a cash flow focused oil and gas exploration and development company whose current activities are concentrated in...

1 week, 6 days ago

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