TraceSafe Inc. - Tracesafe is playing a key role in reopening economies in a post-COVID-19 world with its wearable safety technology

The company has developed a suite of real-time location management services and contact tracing...

2 days, 11 hours ago
Deep dive

Bragg Gaming Group identifying online gaming opportunities in B2B and B2C arenas

It has three core businesses: online casino tech firm ORYX; sports publisher GiveMeSport; online...

3 days, 3 hours ago
Deep dive

Predictmedix's cutting-edge AI technology for infection and impairment...

The firm is developing disruptive tools for impairment testing and health care aimed at use...

5 days, 8 hours ago
Big caps

Are Facebook, Google and Twitter damaging US freedoms and discourse? -...

Shadowbanning and the perception of shadowbanning has become widespread in recent years

on 28/10/20
Deep dive

Nano One wants to be the power behind low-cost, high-performance battery...

The materials company is aiming to change how the world makes battery materials

on 28/10/20

Predictiv AI partners with Infield Solutions to improve fleet management and...

Predictiv AI (CVE: PAI-OTC: INOTF) CEO Michael Lende and Infield Solutions Vice President Barry Lee joined Steve Darling from Proactive with news that Predictiv Al is joining with Infield Solutions on a new strategic sales channel partnership to expand the marketing and sales of Alert...

1 day, 4 hours ago

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