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CannPal Animal Therapeutics major shareholder increases stake

An Australian fund manager has increased its stake to 19.61% in the company....

on 19/5/19

CannPal Animal Therapeutics managing director buys more shares on-market

A number of board members have purchased shares in the company in 2019 to date....

on 12/5/19

CannPal Animal Therapeutics files new patent application as industry-leading research is recognised

The company’s research results into cannabinoid treatments for animals have been presented at a leading veterinary conference....

on 5/5/19

CannPal Animal Therapeutics R&D research to be published in leading veterinary journal

The company will present findings of study into cannabinoid treatment for companion animals at AVA Innovation Symposium next month....

on 17/4/19

CannPal Animal Therapeutics director buys 100,000 shares on-market

This follows chairman Geoff Starr’s on-market share purchases last month....

on 10/3/19

CannPal Animal Therapeutics sees lucrative opportunity in cannabinoids-based animal health market

This is a niche space that is growing fast and CannPal already has an advantage through its research and product development programs which are well underway....

on 3/3/19

CannPal Animal Therapeutics receives approvals for two clinical studies

CPAT-01 is CP1’s lead pharmaceutical product and is derived from cannabinoids....

on 12/2/19

CannPal Animal Therapeutics chairman buys company shares

80,000 shares at a cost of $10,193 represents a 12.7 cents per share average cost price....

on 12/2/19

CannPal Animal Therapeutics well capitalised as it moves towards commercialisation phase

The company has reaffirmed its upcoming milestones as it confirmed December quarter achievements....

on 28/1/19

CannPal Animal Therapeutics director shows faith in company through on-market purchase

Non-executive director Rob Clifford now holds more than 480,000 shares in an indirect interest....

on 8/1/19

CannPal Animal Therapeutics concludes successful phase 1B cannabinoid study in dogs

CannPal’s aim is to be one of the first companies to provide veterinarians with GMP-produced and regulatory approved cannabinoid-derived therapeutics for pets....

on 11/12/18

CannPal Animal Therapeutics director acquires further shares on-market

Non-executive director Max Johnston now holds 200,000 shares in an indirect interest....

on 20/11/18

CannPal Animal Therapeutics caps off busy September quarter

The company had a healthy cash balance of $4.72 million at the end of the quarter....

on 22/10/18

Cannpal Animal Therapeutics director shows confidence in company’s cannabis-derived animal medications

Non-executive director Max Johnston has acquired shares on-market valued at more than $9,000....

on 7/10/18

CannPal Animal Therapeutics’ sponsor fee for lead animal drug candidate waived by US FDA

CannPal plans to take the results from its recently commenced phase 1A and B studies to file an Investigational New Animal Drug application with the FDA....

on 23/9/18

CannPal Animal Therapeutics commences dog pain control study

The company will move onto phase II studies after this phase is complete....

on 2/9/18

CannPal Animal Therapeutics teams up with University of Melbourne

A cooperative relationship in the field of veterinary science will be established....

on 7/8/18

CannPal Animal Therapeutics receives approval to advance clinical studies

Results from the phase Ib study are expected during this September quarter....

on 1/8/18

CannPal Animal Therapeutics positioned in a growing animal health market

The company's lead drug candidate is a cannabis-derived canine pain medication....

on 16/7/18

CannPal Animal Therapeutics to research a cannabis-derived pain treatment for cats

The company has entered into a research services agreement Eurofins Animal Health Pty Ltd....

on 3/7/18

Cannpal Animal Therapeutics Ltd working with CSIRO in developing cannabinoid treatments for animals

The company has entered a research agreement which includes funding under the Kick-Start initiative for SMEs....

on 27/6/18

CannPal Animal Therapeutics achieves milestone in Phase 1A study

CannPal has identified an opportunity in the medical cannabis and health markets....

on 17/6/18

CannPal Animal Therapeutics delivers a medical cannabis milestone

CannPal is researching the benefits of medical cannabis for companion animals....

on 28/5/18

CannPal Animal Therapeutics granted medical cannabis permit

The company listed on the ASX in October 2017 after raising $6M....

on 1/11/17