Proactiveinvestors USA & Canada Global Blockchain Mining Corp. Proactiveinvestors USA & Canada Global Blockchain Mining Corp. RSS feed en Mon, 21 Jan 2019 08:39:40 -0500 Genera CMS (Proactiveinvestors) (Proactiveinvestors) <![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain Technologies says X2 Games is new business focus ]]> Global Blockchain Technologies Corp (CNSX:BLOC.U) (OTCMKTS:BLKCF) said Friday that X2 Games will be the company’s new business focus.

The Vancouver-based company closed on the purchase of the blockchain-focused gaming company on December 17, acquiring all intellectual property rights to X2 Games’ current projects including digital interactive games for Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) Alexa. One of these games, “St. Noire,” has a pre-release date set for early 2019, with three other Amazon Alexa games set to be launched this year.

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The purchase of X2 Games tapped Nolan Bushnell, co-founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese’s, and Hollywood creative director and visual effects developer Zai Ortiz in key leadership roles as Global Blockchain pivots to gaming.

“This transition will help X2’s goal to revolutionize gaming and merge it with cinema and artificial intelligence in exciting ways,” Bushnell, chairman and CEO of X2 Games, said in a statement.


Ortiz, chief creative officer, co-founder and president of X2 Games, added that “X2 is well-positioned to take advantage of this rapidly growing industry.”

Shares of Global Blockchain climbed C$0.01 to C$0.04 in Thursday’s Canadian trading. They traded at US$0.03 on the OTC Markets.

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<![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain Mining Corp says hotly anticipated AMR token crowdsale to begin today ]]> Global Blockchain Mining Corp (CSE:FORK) (OTCMKTS:GBCHF) revealed that the much-anticipated crowd sale for the AMR token will begin today at 9am EST (Eastern Standard Time) on the Singularity Exchange.

The token is the crypto asset for a blockchain-based network, which was developed by Ammbr Foundation Pte Ltd (Ammbr), for the automated buying and selling of Internet bandwidth.

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The vision is to provide "last mile" internet access to regions and communities that otherwise have no means of access.

Global Blockchain Mining is overseeing some of Ammbr’s development and administering the AMR crowdsale.

In return, it receives an allotment of AMR tokens and a percentage of the crowdsale’s proceeds.

"The timing of this crowdsale is perfect, in light of last week's announcement of Ammbr's deal with India-based ISP Smartware, in which they will be deploying Ammbr hardware for internet access infrastructure across 53 cities and more than 15,000 villages," said Shidan Gouran, President and CEO of Global Blockchain Mining in a press release Monday.

"These routers will all use Ammbr's blockchain-based marketplace, which means they will all use AMR tokens, meaning that there is an actual use for this crypto asset right from the beginning."

He added: "We were thrilled to be working with Ammbr from the start, and we are very excited to see what happens in the next few months as the AMR crowdsale goes forward, and Ammbr's technology begins its first large-scale deployment in the real world."

Notably, Ammbr's AMR crowd sale is one of the only crowdsales so far, in which the product has already been built, and the crypto asset can actually be used for its intended purpose.

It is not just a fundraising exercise for product development.

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Steven Nerayoff, chairman of Global Blockchain Mining, added: "Furthermore, not only can it immediately be used for its intended purpose upon completion of the crowdsale, the use of AMR will go hand-in-hand with the infrastructure deployments in India, which will begin to roll out over the course of 2019.

"Ammbr's technology represents a quantum leap in telecom; but more importantly, it demonstrates just how powerful and scalable blockchain is.

"Combined with fairer and more open wireless spectrum policies, Ammbr can close the gap in Internet access that still plagues much of the world, and contribute to building an overall faster and more reliable Internet around the globe."

Those interested in the tokens must first apply to be whitelisted on the Singularity Exchange, before being approved to participate in the AMR crowdsale.

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<![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain Mining hails AmmbrTech partnership with Smartware for infrastructure deployment in India ]]> Global Blockchain Mining Corp (CSE:FORK) (OTCMKTS:GBCHF) hailed Friday the partnership of AmmbrTech Inc with Smartware Technologies Pvt Ltd for a project in India.

Vancouver-based Global Blockchain said in a press release that AmmbrTech and Smartware are working on the deployment of Ammbr routers and blockchain micropayment architecture to underpin a licensed franchise model for voice, data and content delivery.

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US-based AmmbrTech develops and manufactures a suite of blockchain-driven wireless mesh routers for Singapore-based Ammbr Foundation Pte. Ltd. Global Blockchain Mining announced in October a partnership with Ammbr to develop a blockchain-based network. Smartware is a licensed internet service provider based in Mumbai.

"This deal with Smartware is great for Ammbr,” Simon Ditner, the chief technologist at Global Blockchain Mining, said in a statement. “It will result in a level of network adoption that most wireless mesh networks haven't been able to attain to date. Our team is thrilled to have helped to bring it to fruition.”

Earlier this week, Global Blockchain Mining said it will oversee and provide periodic oversight for the AMR token bounty program.

The AMR crypto asset was created by Ammbr for use on its blockchain-based wireless mesh network management platform.

Global Blockchain Mining is engaged in mining cryptocurrencies through the deployment of hardware and associated infrastructure.

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<![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain Mining to oversee AMR bounty program ]]> Vancouver-based Global Blockchain Mining Corp (CSE:FORK) (OTCMKTS:GBCHF) said Thursday that it will oversee and provide periodic oversight for the AMR token bounty program.

The AMR crypto asset was created by Singapore-based wireless technologies company Ammbr Foundation Private Limited for use on its blockchain-based wireless mesh network management platform.

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Global Blockchain has secured a deal to administer the crowdsale for Ammbr network's proprietary crypto token AMR. In exchange for its advisory services, Global Blockchain will receive an allotment of AMR tokens.

The AMR bounty program consists of rewards given in exchange for actions that promote, or bolster interest in the AMR crowdsale.

“In today's competitive crowdsale environment, having an aggressive bounty program is a must," said Ammbr CEO Derick Smith. "We are putting an emphasis on social sharing because we believe this will foster growth of the Ammbr platform itself, not just the AMR crypto asset.”

Smith also noted that building awareness about the Ammbr platform would also shine a light on the need for universal internet access. Half the world’s population is online, but lack of skills and investment are slowing growth.

“With awareness of the Ammbr platform comes awareness of the problem that it seeks to solve, with many parts of the world still lacking a reliable connection to the Internet,” said Smith.  

“We feel this will resonate with virtually everyone, making the bounty program a key part of our strategy to make Ammbr the best it can be," he added.

The company said all actions must be taken through the bounty administration platform Coinclaim (( in order to be eligible for payment.

It is possible to earn AMR token rewards by posting the crowdsale link on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and joining the Telegram discussion group. AMR token reward amounts will be listed on Coinclaim's website.

The AMR crowdsale is scheduled to kick off at 9:00 am EST on January 14, 2019.

Global Blockchain Mining is engaged in mining blue-chip cryptocurrencies through the deployment of hardware and associated infrastructure. Investors through their investment in Global Blockchain get exposure to cryptocurrencies.


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<![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain Mining completes node platform development ]]> Global Blockchain Mining Corp (CSE:FORK) (OTCMKTS:GBCHF) said Wednesday that it had completed development of a proof-of-stake resource aggregation platform for the operation of masternodes, servicenodes and witnesses as part of providing consensus services on five blockchain networks.

This will enable the company to use pooled funds from customers, giving them access to an asset class that has a relatively high barrier to entry through any other means.

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Providing consensus services profitably has a capital requirement that is prohibitive to most individuals, necessitating the commitment of large sums as collateral.

The Vancouver-based group said it will be able to “syndicate capital from a multitude of parties” to meet these capital requirements, and distribute the earnings proportionately to one's capital contributions.

"As most financially-savvy people and entrepreneurs know, your opportunities widen when you pool resources with others," said Global Blockchain CEO Shidan Gouran in a statement.

"Whether you're buying real estate, or you're running a pool of masternodes and servicenodes, you're going to get a better return on your money by teaming up with others to buy something Grade-A, as opposed to whatever you can afford on your own.

"Since consensus services require significant capital outlays, we believe our platform will benefit customers by giving them exposure to this profitable method of earning. As the platform will be able to support virtually any other new blockchain network that comes out as well, this has excellent long-term earning prospects for all types of customers," added Gouran.

At the outset, the platform will support consensus services on the blockchain networks of Dash, ZenCash, Loki, Steem, and Nuvocash. It has been developed to be able to easily provide support for consensus services on other blockchain networks, which can be onboarded based on market conditions at a given time.

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Global Blockchain will oversee all aspects of the platform's operation, including selecting and maintaining hardware, allocating resources to a given category of consensus services, and performing market analytics to optimize returns.

FORK will retain 15% of all gross earnings derived from consensus services, and return the balance to customers who will have the option to allow their earnings to remain on the Platform, or cash out. The platform will be offered from February 15, 2019.

Private demonstrations of the platform were given this week to several attendees of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"With consensus services being the backbone of any blockchain network, there will always be a demand for them. In proof-of-stake models, which are becoming a lot more common, the average person cannot benefit from this demand, since it requires tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to be committed as collateral,” said FORK Chairman Steven Nerayoff, while adding that FORK's platform would go a long way in “efficiently, fairly, and sustainably” helping the public access “the lucrative nature” of consensus services.


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<![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain Technologies plans January 8 official launch of Singularity Exchange ]]> Global Blockchain Technologies Corp (CSE:BLOC.U) (OTCMKTS:GBCHF) said Friday that it’s planning a January 8 launch for its Singularity Exchange, a decentralized crypto asset trading platform.

The Vancouver-based cryptocurrency company said in a press release that it will introduce at the same time a crowdsale platform for the sale of security tokens.

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The first crowdsale held on Singularity will be for the AMR token, the underlying crypto asset of Ammbr, a decentralized, blockchain-based wireless mesh network project with a tie to Global Blockchain’s sister company, Global Blockchain Mining Corp (CSE:FORK) (OTCMKTS: GBCHF).

"There may have been ups and downs in the crypto market, but it remains clear that there is a persisting interest in cryptocurrencies as a more advanced way of transacting value, as well as in blockchain networks as a decentralized form of governance,”  Shidan Gouran, CEO of the companies, said in a statement.

In addition, the Laser interoperability blockchain network has been adjusted to be better suited as the backbone network of Singularity's custody process, according to Global Blockchain Technologies.

Laser will still function as a second-layer network enabling interoperability between the blockchain networks of bitcoin, ethereum and others.

Shares of Global Blockchain slipped C$0.01 to C$0.05 in Friday’s Canadian trading.


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<![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain to develop social network for UK-based Jamaa Online ]]> Global Blockchain Mining Corp (CNSX: BLOC.U)  said Thursday that it has signed a memorandum of understanding to develop a decentralized social network and communications platform for UK-based Jamaa Online Ltd.

The Vancouver-based crytocurrency investment firm said in a press release that the Jamaa network, known as Nuvocash, will be programmed in a way that users can earn tokens in exchange for posting original content, curating content from other places or  voting and commenting on content.

READ: Global Blockchain signs deal to buy Atari co-founder's gaming company X2 Games for $49.6M

In exchange for its development services, Global Blockchain Mining will be paid 5% of premined Nuvo tokens, which will serve as Jamaa's native cryptocurrency. In addition, Global Blockchain said it will provide services for Nuvo's crowdsale.

Through a proof-of-brain algorithm, tokens are issued to users in exchange for making contributions to the network, according to Global Blockchain.

"The blockchain technology that we are developing for Jamaa's blockchain, the Nuvocash network, will be a groundbreaking advancement in distributed ledger technology, which will be capable of scaling to the size of Facebook or YouTube, all while remaining decentralized,” Global Blockchain CEO Shidan Gouran said in a statement.

He added that the network’s proprietary crypto asset will be an ethereum ERC-20 token.

Shares of Global Blockchain traded at C$0.05 in Wednesday’s Canadian trading.

Earlier this month, Global Blockchain signed a definitive agreement to buy Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell’s blockchain-focused gaming company X2 Games Corp for C$49.6 million.


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<![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain Mining seeks to remove potentially fraudulent app from Apple store ]]> Global Blockchain Mining Corp. (CSE: FORK) (OTCMKTS:GBCHF) said it was seeking the removal of an app from Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) App Store, which, it says, is potentially fraudulent.

In a regulatory statement Tuesday, the Vancouver-based group said it was aware of an iOS smartphone application called Tether Wallet that was available, claiming that it had been developed by the company.

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"This application is not affiliated with [Global Blockchain Mining] in any way, and the company is presently in the process of pursuing this matter with Apple to seek removal from the App Store," it told investors.

Moreover, the group also advised the public to 'exercise caution' in verifying the integrity of any app or product that handles sensitive information such as financial details.

"Individuals who have been victimized by Tether Wallet should be sure to retain all records relating to their use of the application, and contact Apple and their local authorities to lodge a complaint," the firm added.

"We are appalled to discover that our company's name and goodwill has been misused for fraudulent purposes, and we are actively investigating this, with the immediate priority being the removal of this application from the App Store, to ensure no additional persons are defrauded," said Shidan Gouran, president and chief executive officer of Global Blockchain Mining.

He also noted: "It is worth noting that if Apple used blockchain technology for its App Store and WOT (Web of Trust) for authentication and identity management, this would curtail the growing issue of illegitimate applications on the platform. This is yet another case that proves how secure decentralized platforms are, as this misuse of the company's name would not have been possible on such a platform."

Shares in Global Blockchain Mining were unchanged at $0.015 each.

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<![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain Mining says AMR crypto asset crowd sale website is now ready ]]> Global Blockchain Mining Corp (CNSX: FORK) (OTCMKTS:GBCHF) said Monday that the website for the crowd sale of AMR is now available along with a white paper on the related technology.

The crowd sale of AMR, the crypto asset of Singapore-based Ammbr Foundation Pte Ltd, will be from January 8 to March 8.

READ: Global Blockchain Technologies to launch website for the crowd sale of AMR crypto asset

In the AMR crowd sale, there will be 400 million tokens, or 20% of the total issuance of 2 billion tokens. Each token will be priced at the equivalent of US$0.025 in the accepted currencies listed on the crowd sale's website.

“We are pleased to be working with Ammbr, and we look forward to leading a successful crowd sale for them," said Shidan Gouran, president and CEO of Global Blockchain Mining, which is based in Vancouver.

He added that Ammbr has received government endorsements from Guinea-Bissau, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Burundi and the Congo.

In exchange for its sale administration and development services, Global Blockchain Mining will be paid 241.55 million AMR tokens, as well as 10% of all proceeds from the public crowd sale.

Ammbr was formed in 2017 with the goal of combining wireless mesh and blockchain technologies to broaden the availability of internet connectivity without having to rely on telecom companies or internet service providers to build the infrastructure.

A demonstration of Ammbr's technologies will be given at the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, from Feb. 25 to Feb. 28.

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<![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain Technologies launches open forum to provide greater transparency on firm ]]> To give greater transparency and shareholders a voice, Global Blockchain Technologies Corp (CNSX:BLOC) says it has created an open forum to answer questions and help clarify its initiatives.

The company's new forum — called /r/ForkCSE on Reddit — can be found HERE.

"We care about what our shareholders have to say, and we believe that by offering an open public forum in which their questions can be answered, we will deliver even more value to them," said the Vancouver based group's president and CEO Shidan Gouran.

READ: Global Blockchain Technologies to launch website for the crowd sale of AMR crypto asset

"Our company has undergone a number of key changes over the past couple of months, and we know that there are many questions about these changes," Gouran continued. "For that reason, we have created an open forum on Reddit to clarify investor enquiries to the benefit of the whole community, and we look forward to answering questions about FORK as they come up."

FORK noted it had diversified its operations beyond simply the mining of cryptocurrencies.

The company will operate service nodes and master nodes on select blockchain networks, enabling it to earn transaction fees.

In addition, its computing facilities will provide witness services for consensus protocols and some of the management team's members are providing consulting and advisory services to select entities as clients.

Shares in Toronto were unchanged at $0.06 each.


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<![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain Mining revises strategy for two-tier networks ]]> Global Blockchain Mining Corp (CSE:FORK) said Wednesday that it will operate master nodes for two-tier blockchain networks that use service nodes to provide trust services for features such as expedited transactions.

The company added that it has been looking at running a data center to provide computing power for artificial intelligence applications.

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"A defining value of FORK, as a business, is investing in infrastructure, as opposed to speculating on assets," CEO Shidan Gouran said in a statement.

A master node is a governing hub for some cryptocurrency networks, with a node being a computer running a network. To own a master node, operators are required to commit collateral, which can be confiscated in cases of fraud, according to Global Blockchain Mining.

A service node is a connecting point for data transmission.


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<![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain Mining teams up with Ammbr for AMR asset ]]> Global Blockchain Mining Corp (CSE:FORK) announced Tuesday it has partnered with Ammbr Foundation Pte. Ltd. to launch its AMR crypto asset, and conduct its public crowdsale on Singularity.

Ammbr has developed a network protocol which provides wireless mesh Internet access using a distributed network of routers, creating a democratized and trustless Internet service provider equivalent. It has also developed three different router products, including a portable router, an in-home router and a solar-powered outdoor router. 

The AMR crypto asset will be the Ammbr network's official currency, as a means of providing access to the network, as well as facilitating transactions on it.

"The versatility of wireless mesh networks like Ammbr's network is incredible," said Shidan Gouran, president and chief executive officer.

"It is widely used by the U.S. military, and even Google is incorporating it into its wireless home products. In the first world, we take for granted how readily available the Internet is. Wireless mesh networks will improve Internet accessibility in regions where this is not the case, which will translate to social, environmental and economic impact in developing regions. By using a blockchain network to manage Ammbr's network with its own cryptocurrency, this version of a mesh network will be scalable and sustainable, with easy set-up using Ammbr's plug-and-play network hardware."

The company said the public crowdsale for AMR, which is set to begin in December, follows its private sale, which has been completed.

Participants in the public crowdsale can purchase AMR using any asset that is traded on the Singularity Exchange, owned and operated by Global Blockchain Technologies Corp., Global Blockchain Mining's sister company.

The company said 400 million AMR tokens will be available in the public crowdsale, which will be priced at US$0.2.5 each. The total issuance of AMR tokens is two billion units.

In exchange for its advisory and crowdsale administration services, Global Blockchain Mining will receive 241.55 million AMR tokens, as well as 10% of all proceeds from the public crowdsale.

The company will also operate nodes on the Ammbr network, which are positioned to generate consistent revenue. The expected launch date of the Ammbr network will align with the 2019 Mobile World Congress (Feb. 25 to Feb. 28 in Barcelona).

"According to the World Bank, more than 76% of the U.S. population uses the Internet. However, if you compare that to regions such as sub-Saharan Africa at 19.84%, it is easy to see that much of the world is yet to benefit from the abilities of the Internet as a widely available resource. Since wireless mesh networks can spread Internet connectivity more evenly within a given region, Ammbr's network will be positioned to bring significant changes to many parts of the world," said Global Blockchain Mining chairman Steve Nerayoff.

"With blockchain technology at the network's foundation, it can be rapidly built, scaled and incentivized. Combining the abilities of our team and Ammbr's hardware development expertise, this partnership will make a large-scale wireless mesh network a near-term reality."

Shares of Global Blockchain Mining were at C$0.02 on Tuesday.

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<![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain Mining up and running with 9,000 bitcoin miners online ]]> Global Blockchain Mining Corp (CNSX:FORK) said it is now operating in Quebec and New York State and had 9,000 bitcoin miners.

Both facilities have round the clock security, operations personnel, and customised racking and cooling engineering to ensure maximum efficiencies.

Capacity to expand

Notably, the firm and its hosting partners have secured expansion capacity to accommodate for future growth in the third quarter or early fourth quarter for of up to a further 10,000 machines.

The company expects that by the end of September 2018, it will have 11,666 machines online as well as 3,000 of two further types of machine for a total of 14,666 bitcoin miners online.

"We plan to continue looking for opportunities to acquire more rigs and increase our mining capacity, we believe that we represent true leverage to an increase in the price of bitcoin," said Shidan Gouran, the president and chief executive of FORK.

The company and its partners are exploring a number of software enhancements and algorithms that on trial over a prolonged period have expanded the hash rate by over 20%, it added.

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<![CDATA[News - Global Blockchain Mining says website now on-line ]]> Global Blockchain Mining Corp (CNSX:FORK) told investors that its website was now online, featuring information about the company as well as an investor presentation deck.

"For advanced crypto investors who prefer the stability of mining, our mining operations could be an attractive stock long term", said Shidan Gouran, the president and chief executive.

Niche area

"There is a sizeable niche of investors who desire the relatively straightforward nature of cryptocurrency mining, and how it is similar to investing in utilities or resources.

"Now that FORK is listed on OTC and CSE, we're pleased to have the website and slide deck publicly available for everyone to become familiar with what FORK does."

The website address is at

The tech firm also revealed it has applied for eligibility to The Depository Trust Company (DTC) for its shares on the OTC Market, where it now trades under the symbol 'GBCHF'.

"DTC eligibility will simplify the process of trading and is expected to enhance the liquidity of the company's common shares on the OTC marketplace," the company said in a brief release.

Blue-chip cryptos

The firm is focused on the mining of blue-chip cryptocurrencies through the deployment of hardware and associated infrastructure to mine these coins.

It says it provides investors with exposure to these cryptocurrencies without the lengthy, and complicated process that they must undergo in order to gain exposure to these cryptocurrencies.

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