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A spinout of the highly-regarded and well-funded cryptocurrency investment company Global Blockchain Technologies Corp., Metaverse Capital ("FORK", "GBCHF") controls a tremendous volume of computing power for mining cryptocurrencies, operating masternodes/servicenodes, and providing witness services. Further, FORK has equity in Spectra7, a producer of cutting-edge semiconductors for the blockchain, and seeks to make similar strategic investments in blockchain technology innovators. Additionally, FORK leverages its team’s blockchain expertise by providing development, operations, and consultancy services to clients. With operations geared towards the sustainable long-term growth of blockchain networks and the efficient mining of cryptocurrencies, FORK creates shareholder value by investing with both today and tomorrow in mind, as cryptocurrency and blockchain continue to expand in magnitude.

At FORK, we invest in the resources that are the backbone of blockchain networks, as opposed to speculating on new crypto assets. The demand for mining, servicenodes, masternodes, and witness services will remain consistent as blockchain networks continue to gain popularity. With the expert oversight of FORK’s management team, investors benefit from the output of carefully chosen and meticulously managed blockchain network resources and services.

Blockchain networks are continuing to grow in size, and increase in sophistication. For many networks, their scalability can be restricted by the need for mining capability, witnesses, masternodes, and servicenodes. Metaverse Capital (FORK / GBCHF) makes investments to provide these resources on an enterprise scale, by operating four mining facilities in three countries, running masternodes and servicenodes on leading blockchain networks, and providing witness services for consensus protocols. FORK also offers blockchain-related technical and professional services to select parties as clients. FORK’s shareholders are given access to the blockchain network services industry at large through a robust and diversified portfolio of investments. Investors benefit from all output and growth of FORK’s operations and investments, as well as revenues from FORK’s service offerings.

Shidan Gouran
President & CEO

Steven Nerayoff

Theo van der Linde

Mike Khoroshun

Maxwell Arnold

Simon Ditner

Sabrina Hollenberg
Communications Manager