Mota Ventures

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In brief

Mota Ventures is seeking to become a large-scale vertically integrated low-cost producer and exporter of the highest quality CBD products worldwide. The 2.5 hectare site located in Colombia has optimal year round growing conditions and access to all necessary infrastructure. The site is located approximately 2 hours outside of Bogota 20 minutes away from the free trade zone and 30 minutes away from the international airport.  Phase one will consist of a state of the art 60,000 square foot greenhouse with the capacity to produce more than 14,000,000 grams per year along with build out of the Company’s extraction facilities.  The Company will focus on CBD extraction to produce pure raw CBD, with the goal to make value added CBD products and create its own brand to be sold internationally.

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The company changed its name to Mota Ventures to reflect its activities in the South American cannabis sector