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Under Contract to Acquire:
Currently, Ventura is party to agreements to acquire two west coast dispensaries and licenses for cultivation, distribution, and manufacturing. These acquisition targets are revenue generating and financially sound businesses with established customer bases in strong markets. Completion of the acquisitions and payment of the vendors is subject to the satisfaction of a number of closing conditions which include receipt of certain regulatory approvals and lease assignments. Ventura and the vendors are working towards the satisfaction of these closing conditions.

The acquisition targets were determined based on a strong mix of location, customer composition, breadth of product offerings, and evaluation of management practices. Working with experienced retail and manufacturing management will allow Ventura (after the acquisitions close) to leverage existing relationships with their customer base to grow revenues and collect data that will improve operations in the future for the business itself and Ventura as a whole. Ventura will strive to institute efficient and sustainable growth strategies across the entire network of cannabis businesses as it grows. Data gathered from these sales centers will be used to better analyze market trends in order to provide a product offering that fully satisfies the growing customer base.

Staff at each of the dispensaries Ventura is acquiring ensure customers are welcomed to a clean, welcoming, inclusive atmosphere that makes them feel at home. Customers are greeted by clean and well-designed storefronts in a safe environment that makes them feel at ease. A comfortable, safe environment allows the staff to better educate customers on their wide variety of products to ensure that the customer makes a purchase decision that maximizes satisfaction and the likelihood of retention. Rigorous security measures ensure that customers are safe before and after their purchase.

Sales centers provide a curated selection of premium flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and accessories to satisfy the varied needs of their existing customer base. Customers are provided with several high-quality options in each product category at various price points to suit the needs of each customer. As the customer base begins to grow and vary further after closing, Ventura will use data gathered from the sales centers to optimize branded product offerings across the market. Ventura will leverage this invaluable data during product development to greater satisfy the needs and desires of targeted market segments.


Amberlight Cannabis House, Portland, Oregon
Amberlight Cannabis House is a recreational marijuana dispensary dedicated to providing the best customer service in a clean and friendly environment. It is located in the busy up and coming Richmond neighborhood on the corner of SE 49th and Division Street.

Amberlight Cannabis House is committed to providing each customer with a personalized buying experience for you and your cannabis needs. Currently providing large variety of top-shelf rotating strains and a large variety of edibles, concentrates, and accessories. With discounted items and deals every day of the week you are sure to always find what you are looking for at a fare and reasonable price. Stop in today and see what Amberlight cannabis house has to offer you.

Hollywood, California Detox
The Hollywood Inpatient treatment center is comprised of 18 beds across three buildings with ample outdoor areas. The clients generally stay for one week of detox treatment, which can include THC and CBD products as part of their treatment. The treatment center offers private and semi-private rooms, as well as distinctive interior cues designed to create an optimal environment for a comfortable and effective recovery. Ventura Cannabis owns these properties.

Corona, California Detox
The Corona Inpatient treatment center is comprised of 12 beds across two homes and significant acreage. The clients generally stay for one week of detox treatment, which can include THC and CBD products as part of their treatment. Both homes, which are on a quiet street in one of Corona’s most exclusive neighborhoods, feature large swimming pools and sprawling back yards. The interior’s luxurious appointments include 10 private rooms.

Clients can relax on the patio, play volleyball or simply look out at the spectacular view of the Cleveland National Forest, all within private outdoor spaces surrounded by beautiful and lush landscaping. Ventura Cannabis owns these properties.

Portland, Hollywood and Corona.

Craig Lipsay: Mr. Lipsay has an almost 30-year track record on Wall Street, including 11 years at Morgan Stanley where, as an investment banker based in Morgan Stanley’s New York City headquarters, he rose to Managing Director, Co-head of North American Structured Products and then Managing Director, Co-head of the North American Strategic Solutions Group at Merrill Lynch. He has since served as an advisor and large shareholder in several investment funds. Mr. Lipsay has an undergraduate degree from SUNY, Albany and an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Lipsay will support the company in areas of capital markets communication and strategic planning.

Jacob Gamble: Mr. Gamble has a more than 20-year track record ranging from operations to finance. Mr. Gamble rose to the level of Vice President of Fisher Investments overseeing a significant business line during his 13-year period with that company, and worked as a Managing Director at Paulson Investments before striking out into the cannabis industry. Mr. Gamble specializes in the process of licensing, build-outs and development of vertically integrated operations. He has deep knowledge, contacts and experience within the cannabis industry. Through his finance background, Mr. Gamble also has experience in acquisitions of small private companies and operational integration of disparate businesses. Mr. Gamble has an undergraduate degree from Oregon State University and attended Stanford University for post-baccalaureate studies in economics. He has a Masters of Science degree from Florida Institute of Technology.

Chris Heath: Mr. Heath has been part of the Ventura Cannabis and Wellness family since the summer of 2015. He completed his Bachelor’s in Business Economics and received his MBA in Southern California. After becoming CEO of Ventura’s legacy business in 2017, Mr. Heath used his expertise to make fundamental changes to the company’s business model driving increased revenues and profitability. Mr. Heath has a proven track record of successfully of improving financial performance by implementing the owner-operator business model the Company plans to deploy in its newly acquired cannabis dispensaries.

Michael Hynes: Mr. Hynes has dual undergraduate degrees in Chemical Engineering and Cellular Biology from University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Mr. Hynes has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Medical Degree (MD) from University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Mr. Hynes has a broad experience in business and medicine, working at Exis Capital, a New York-based hedge fund as well as Merck & Co., a large pharmaceutical company. Mr. Hynes has taken a keen interest in the effects of marijuana on several medical indications and the business and market opportunities opened up by these effects.

Nitin Kaushal: Mr. Kaushal has worked in senior roles with a number of Canadian investment banks focused on healthcare, including Desjardins Securities Inc, Orion Securities Inc, Vengate Capital, HSBC Securities Inc and Gordon Capital. He has held roles within the private equity/venture capital industry at MDS Capital Corp. and at PricewaterhouseCoopers in their M&A, valuation and audit groups. In addition, Mr. Kaushal has sat on a number of public and private company boards. He was awarded a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) from the University of Toronto and is a Chartered Accountant.

Ventura Cannabis and Wellness

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