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We’re not your average adult-beverage company. Not even close.

The world thought it couldn’t be done, but we showed them it’s possible to produce great-tasting, alcohol-free beverages… and they thanked us with a shelf-full of awards. Our alcohol-free business continues to grow as more and more people turn away from alcohol and look for better alternatives. But we’re more than just the world’s most award-winning alcohol-free beverage company.

We’ve licensed a technology that allows us to take that award-winning adult-beverage portfolio and infuse it with cannabis… without any impact to the smell or the taste of the product. This isn’t an idea in someone’s head or a theory on a chalkboard that won’t actually work; we’ve already done it. And we’ll be ready to bring these innovative beverages to you the moment cannabis-edibles become legal for sale in Canada next year.

We’re helping people live healthier lives by giving them a better, safer alternative to alcohol, and we’re making the world a better place by donating a percentage of every case sold to some of the most meaningful causes in North America.

We have an experienced management team who knows exactly what it takes to build a strong business (because they’ve all done it before), and a slew of strategic partnerships that are opening some big doors for us.

And we’re just getting started.

Terry Donnelly
Chief Executive Officer

I’d been up and down the business world for thirty years when I got the news that my liver wasn’t keeping pace. Nothing to do with alcohol, but one of those conditions that gets worse with every drink. Not a great piece of news for someone with a killer Scotch collection. When I was asked to help build Hill Street, it seemed like all the stars aligned perfectly; great products, great team, great causes. After my family, I hope that people look at Hill Street’s legacy as the greatest achievement of my life’s work.

Brian Bolshin
President & Chief Product Officer

When we started the company, I had reached a stage in my career where I really wanted to focus on building a “legacy brand”; one that would support and help improve all the communities that we serve. We’re proud of our success so far, and our ability to raise over a million dollars for causes that are dear to us. Now it’s time to broaden our mission to support medical foundations where alcohol is contra-indicated. Succeeding as a business is our goal, doing good will be our legacy.

Hinta Chambers
Chief Financial Officer

When Hill Street approached me, I was pregnant and had gestational diabetes. Healthy living quickly became my top priority and working for a company that shared those values was important to me. Hill Street not only addresses the health-conscious market, but they also invite people to join the party and live life to the fullest. It feels good to be a part of a growing company where I can see our product on the shelves and proudly say, “we make that”.

David Pullara
Chief Marketing Officer

One reason I'm excited about the opportunity to build the Hill Street brand is because I'll be helping others understand how switching to alcohol-free beverages can help them lead healthier lives, which is something I've been trying to do for myself over the past few years. Also, throughout my career, I've made it a point to work with companies that do more than just sell products. Hill Street donates a significant percentage of profits to a number of worthwhile initiatives for every case sold, and that makes me really proud to be a part of this company.

Doug Taylor
Vice President Sales

The cause is very close to my heart. At age 22 my stepdaughter was diagnosed with a condition that makes her unable to consume alcohol. Our products enhance the quality of life for the tens of millions of people like her, who can’t or won’t consume alcohol for whatever reason. We’re giving these people an equal opportunity to celebrate life while funding the charities and medical foundations that tirelessly work to make these conditions more manageable.

Bruce Anderson
Chief Information Officer

It’s important to me to be involved with businesses that improve people’s lives, and being at Hill Street gives me that opportunity. We’re committed to crafting premium, alcohol-free beverages that actually taste great, and we have a strong culture of giving back. We provide people a chance to do things differently and they’re excited about it. We support them in overcoming their issues, give them new ways to celebrate, and help them enjoy life a little more.

June Nicholson
Vice President Strategic Partnerships

I joined Hill Street because I love the product and the impact it has on people’s lives. It’s a great fit for me because my professional success is deeply rooted in the world of non-profit. I’ve worked with organizations across North America to improve the way they operate and market themselves, helping to raise over $57MM for charities and foundations. I’m here to do the same - to build strong partnerships and to take our fundraising efforts to the next level.

Email: info@hillstreetbevco.com

Toll-Free: 1-833-346-BEER (2337)