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Lite Access Technologies Incorporated is a publicly traded company on the TSX Venture Exchange is a stock exchange in Canada. Registered with the CRTC and a proud member of FTTH council, our goal is to ensure fibre optic connectivity is the solution of choice for organizations throughout the globe. LAT’s unique suite of microduct and air blown fibre technologies enables the end user to bridge the digital optical divide providing virtually unlimited bandwidth and future-proof networks.

Our commitment towards continued product evolution ensures; Industry standards are fully met or exceeded, an ease of integration with any type of existing infrastructure and technology, the highest levels of quality and reliability, all leading to future-proof network solutions.

With the revolution of digital technology forcing innovation too fast for governments and traditional large service providers to respond to, forward looking organizations including municipalities and others are exploring alternate network solutions for high speed connectivity. LAT’s innovative microduct and air blown fibre solutions are designed to solve these and many other challenges.tions.
Today, every business and every city competes in the global economy. Just like a business, cities must have a competitive edge and strategic focus. LAT’s microduct and air blown fibre solutions address the needs of the world’s advancing technology by allowing clients to own complete control of network infrastructures. This can lead to an improvement to the local tax base which will impact the ability to retain and attract residents and business, all by delivering a cutting edge solution at a significantly reduced cost.

CEO Lite Access Tech 90 2016 JW 1080 HD approvals



Air Blown Fibre & Microduct Solutions

Fibre cables are used as a medium for Telecom applications and can carry many independent channels. Fibre cables are used as a medium for Telecom applications and can carry many independent channels, each using a different wavelength of light…

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Micro-Trench Network Construction

Upon receipt of necessary approvals and permits, a Micro-trench is cut into a roadway surface, the dimensions of which are determined by the size of the microduct and local regulations but typically vary between 1-1.75”wide x 9-18” deep…

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Microduct Options

Lite Access Technologies Inc. is recognized as a solution of choice for fibre connectivity solutions and deployment methodologies and has been providing air blown fibre and microduct solutions for clients around the world…

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Fibre Optic Installation Equipment

Get more details on our Fiber Blowing Machine and Micro Trenching Tools…

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Fiber/Fiber Optic FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions on Fiber and Fiber Optic technologies…

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Investors Contact Information

Rob Gamley

Direct Phone: 604-689-7422

Email: [email protected]