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Tango Mining updates on latest sales from Oena mine

This included a 9.4-carat diamond, which sold at US$3,085 per carat...

on 18/5/18

Tango Mining says Bluedust 7 has completed its due diligence programme on Oena

Bluedust will develop the Oena alluvial diamond mine using Bourevestinik X-ray machines (BVX) and/or pan plants...

on 2/5/18

Tango Mining updates on latest sales from Oena mine as it continues to ramp up operations

The stones were placed on tender in Kimberley and sold at an average price of US$759 per carat, Tango said ...

on 23/4/18

Tango Mining to splash out on equipment for Oena diamond mine

Tango's right to mine at the Oena diamond mine in South Africa was renewed recently for a further nine years...

on 20/4/18

Tango Mining says Oena mining licence has been renewed for nine years

Oena covers a 4.8 km strip along a 15 km length of the lower Orange River, in Northern Cape Province. ...

on 16/4/18

Tango Mining sells 106 diamonds from Oena mine at average price of US$864 per carat

A total of 159.34 carats or 106 diamonds were produced, and placed on tender in Kimberley...

on 23/3/18

Tango Mining adds further prospecting licence at Middlepits project, Botswana

In December, Tango revealed it was to acquire a 75% interest in the Middlepits alluvial diamond property...

on 7/3/18

Tango Mining Ltd grants more time to Bluedust for Oena mine due diligence

Bluedust will prioritize each area that has been identified with diamondiferous ROM (run of mine) and tailings ...

on 1/3/18

Tango Mining Ltd sells 76 diamonds from Oena mine at US$1,329 per carat

Dimond production from Oena, since its acquisition, including production from both tailings and ROM, now totals 1,501 carats, sold at an average price of US$1,180 per carat...

on 23/2/18

Tango Mining announces collaboration for Angola diamond project

Tango has previously signed a three-year services agreement for mining and marketing of diamonds.....

on 8/2/18

Tango Mining all set for cash flow from two diamond mines by the end of March

Tango Mining is looking forward to a strong 2018, as diamond production comes on stream from two mines...

on 30/1/18

Tango Mining set to buy 75% of Botswana diamond project

Tango's technical team will undertake to work with Metswedi to develop a comprehensive exploration program...

on 21/12/17

Tango Mining renews three Exxaro coal contracts; updates on operations

The coal contracts call for a minimum target of 6.24mln tonnes to be processed per year....

on 21/12/17

Tango Mining closes $510,500 placing

The note carries interest at 3% a year, Tango Mining said.....

on 14/12/17

Tango Mining retains Lakeshore Securities to provide market-making services

Under the terms, Lakeshore will be paid a monthly fee of up to C$5,000 plus applicable taxes for a trial period of three months, from 1 January 2018...

on 13/12/17

Tango Mining arranges C$510,500 of loan note financing

The note carries interest at 3% a year, Tango revealed....

on 27/11/17

Tango Mining restarts production at Oena diamond mine

Bluedust will provide and maintain all the plant and equipment as required at its own cost ...

on 17/11/17

Tango Mining moves forward with Oena diamond project with appointment of Bluedust 7

The five year agreement is subject to due diligence by Bluedust, which must be completed by December 31, 2017...

on 11/10/17

Tango Mining’s Angola acquisition should be providing cashflow within months

Tango Mining has signed a deal to go mining diamonds in Angola, and there could be more to come...

on 13/9/17

Tango Mining expands diamond operations with Angola deal

The group said t had struck a three-year renewable services agreement with cooperative Txapemba Canguba RL....

on 11/9/17

Tango Mining secures consulting services of senior execs

To save Tango money, shares will be issued to the executives in lieu of cash...

on 8/9/17

Tango Mining takes control at Oena, and is now planning further expansion in Africa

Tango Mining is taking control of the Oena mine in Northern Cape, ahead of planned further expansion in diamonds...

on 25/8/17