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ANGLE’s Parsortix liquid biopsy proving to be more than just a cancer detection device

The cancer detection system is “on track” for submission with the US FDA early in the fourth quarter, which means there is a prospect of clearance in the first quarter of 2020...

2 weeks, 6 days ago

ANGLE still 'on track' for FDA submission of Parsortix cancer-detecting system this year

The AIM-listed company confirmed that the submission process remained “on track” for early in the fourth quarter of the calendar year...

2 weeks, 6 days ago

ANGLE liquid biopsy used in German breast cancer study

The company’s Parsortix system was used in harness with a device called CellCelector, a micromanipulator, to isolate individual circulating tumour cells...

4 weeks, 1 day ago
Industry & services

ANGLE raises £18mln as it gears up for Parsortix commercialisation

If all goes to plan, ANGLE’s Parsortix cancer-detecting blood test could get the green light from US regulators in early 2020, and bosses are strengthening the balance sheet ahead of that...

on 25/6/19

ANGLE sees the potential to use its liquid biopsy system in cancer clinical trials

This, the firm said, would require building on the work carried out by the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf...

on 21/6/19

ANGLE scores early success in ovarian cancer study

The so-called pre-study used the company’s Parsortix system in harness with a system called HyCEADTM Ziplex to assess women with pelvic masses...

on 5/6/19

ANGLE device could receive US regulatory sign-off early next year after breast cancer trial success

Boss Andrew Newland said: “This clearance, considered the gold standard for approval of medical diagnostic systems globally, would further competitively differentiate the Parsortix system and should lead to an acceleration in commercial adoption of the system in both research and clinical settings.”...

on 31/5/19

ANGLE device aids ground-breaking research on cancer spread

The company’s Parsortix liquid biopsy system proved efficient at harvesting circulating tumour cell clusters...

on 26/4/19

ANGLE shares rise 11% after its tumour cell detection device is deployed in cancer advance

The Parsortix system was used to capture and assess circulating tumour cells (CTCs) – the tiny tell-tale signs of cancer...

on 18/4/19

ANGLE ground-breaking liquid biopsy to be used in lung cancer study

The Partsortix system will be used in research being carried out by the Hellenic Oncology Research Group...

on 12/4/19
Industry & services

ANGLE’s Parsortix liquid biopsy getting lots of exposure at world’s biggest cancer conference

Several ANGLE customers have been showcasing Parsortix at the American Association for Cancer Research conference in Atlanta...

on 4/4/19

ANGLE passes key milestone recruitment is completed for phase III clinical trial of its liquid biopsy system

A total of 400 people will with late-stage breast cancer will be screened using the Parsortix system, which harvests tumour cells ...

on 7/3/19
Industry & services

“Significant milestone” for ANGLE as it kicks off second ovarian cancer study

A previous study, data from which was published last year, showed Parsortix was able to correctly identify whether or not someone had ovarian cancer in 95.1% of cases...

on 28/2/19

ANGLE: Researchers find new use for company's cancer cell harvesting device

Parsortix was used by a Dusseldorf team called Disseminated Cancer Cell Network...

on 25/2/19

ANGLE technology used in cutting-edge research featured in science journal Nature

Parstortix was central to the analysis carried out by a team at the University of Basel, in Switzerland...

on 11/2/19
Industry & services

ANGLE on track to complete key Parsortix study in current quarter

ANGLE is looking to become the first company to receive FDA clearance for a platform that captures and harvests intact circulating tumour cells from patient blood for subsequent analysis...

on 31/1/19

ANGLE device has lymph node potential, says German research team

"This is another example of our leveraged approach with research customers delivering new applications for Parsortix,” said ANGLE chief executive Andrew Newland...

on 29/1/19

ANGLE device central to new, ground-breaking cancer research

Scientists at the University of Basel, Switzerland, used ANGLE’s Parsortix liquid biopsy to isolate metastatic circulating tumour cell clusters...

on 11/1/19
Industry & services

ANGLE names diagnostic pathology expert Dr Joseph D Khoury as a scientific advisor

The AIM-listed liquid biopsy company pointed out that Khoury has significant experience in the cytological and morphological analysis of cancer cells...

on 28/11/18