As an IP investment company, Tekcapital continuously acquires and develops new technologies for commercialisation.
We have stringent requirements for the technologies we pursue:
  • The IP must be socially responsible.
  • The IP must be disruptive in its field.
  • The IP must address a large growing, global market.
  • If successful, the IP will improve the quality of life, and
  • The IP must be ready for commercialization.
Belluscura Plc
A global medical device company that is passionate about making healthcare more affordable.
Lucyd Ltd.
A portfolio of optical technologies to produce advanced eyewear that enrich the visual experience.
Salarius Ltd.
A patented process for producing nano-particle sized salt crystals that can reduce sodium consumption by up to 50% while still providing the salt taste consumers enjoy.
Guident Ltd.
A portfolio of new IP for enhancing the safety and efficiency of autonomous driving. (Under development)
eSoma Ltd.
New patent-pending software called Trace-it™, for improving the accuracy of gesture recognition on any mobile device.
Smart Food Tek Ltd.
A patented food baking process that perfectly emulates the look, taste, crunchiness and mouth feel of fried food with 60% less fat.