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BioLargo invents, patents, and develops innovative platform technologies for three markets: 1) advanced water and wastewater treatment, 2) industrial odor and VOC control, and 3) advanced wound care products. With a wide array of issued patents, an extensive R&D talent pool, and a full-service engineering team, the company maintains a robust pipeline of products from inception through maturity.  BioLargo monetizes its technology assets with the goal of maximizing both impact and shareholder value, using licensing, strategic partnership, and direct-to-market strategies.

BioLargo Technogogies 

CupriDyne Clean Industrial Odor and VOC Eliminator:

  • Eliminates odors; doesn't mask them
  • Non-toxic, non-sensitizing, non-fragranced
  • Effective against VOCs, ammonia, sulfur compounds, mercaptans, fatty acids
  • Misting systems: design, build, install, maintain, service options available

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The Advanced Oxidation System (AOS):

  • Exceptional disinfection performance with concurrent decontamination
  • Ultra low energy consumption
  • Lower costs than competitors (OPEX and CAPEX)
  • Modular - Flexible - Scalable

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Clyra Advanced Wound Care Products:

  • Infection control, chronic wound therapy, regenerative tissue therapy
  • Non-cytotoxic, safe, broad-spectrum antimicrobial action. Efficacy proven.
  • No bacterial resistance.
  • Hydrogels, dressings, liquids

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Dennis Calvert - President & CEO

Dennis P. Calvert is our President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. He also serves in the same positions for BioLargo Life Technologies, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of BioLargo, Inc., and chairman of the board of directors of each of Odor-No-More, Inc. and Clyra Medical Technologies, both BioLargo subsidiaries. Mr. Calvert was appointed a director in June 2002, and has served as President and Chief Executive Officer since June 2002, Corporate Secretary from September 2002 until March 2003, and Chief Financial Officer from March 2003 through January 2008. Mr. Calvert holds a B.A. degree in Economics from Wake Forest University, where he was a varsity basketball player. Mr. Calvert also studied at Columbia University and Harding University. He also serves on the Board of Directors at The Maximum Impact Foundation, a 501 (c)(3), committed to bridging the cap for lifesaving work around the globe for the good of man and in the name of Christ. He serves on the Board of the Sustain SoCal Trade Association, serves on its Emerging Technology Committee and is affiliated with its Sustainability Council. He serves as a Board Member for the Tilly’s Life Center (TLC) is a youth-focused, 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable foundation aimed at empowering all teens with a positive mindset and enabling them to effectively cope with crisis, adversity and tough decisions. He is a scholarship sponsor at Environmental Research and Education Foundation a 501(c)(3) dedicated to fund and direct scientific research and educational initiatives for waste management practices to benefit industry participants and the communities they serve. He also a sponsor of scholarships on behalf of National Water Research Institute A 501c3 non-profit that sponsors projects and programs focused on ensuring safe, reliable sources of water now and for future generations. He is a board member of the Maritime Alliance, an internationally known water cluster based in San Diego California. He is also an Eagle Scout. He is married to his wife more than 33 years and has two children. He has been active coach in youth sports organizations and ministry activity in his home community. Mr. Calvert has an extensive entrepreneurial background as an operator, investor and consultant. Dennis started his corporate career at a Fortune 500 chemicals company, and moved on to become a founder and Vice President of Marketing at a physician recruiting firm that grew to become the industry leader. Prior to his work with BioLargo, had participated in more than 300 consulting projects and more than 50 acquisitions as well as various financing transactions and companies that ranged from industrial chemicals, healthcare management, finance, telecommunications and consumer products.

Kenneth R. Code - Chief Science Officer (CSO)

Kenneth R. Code holds the position of Chief Science Officer (CSO) of BioLargo, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary BioLargo Life Technologies, Inc. He is the Inventor of BioLargo's technology and he holds over 20+ patents related to BioLargo's various technologies. His Accreditations include: Purchasing Management Association of Canada, Level IV, Council for the Accreditation of Pharmaceutical Reps, APMR, American Biological Safety Association, Advanced Disinfections.

​Charles Dargan II - Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Charles K. Dargan II is our Chief Financial Officer and has served as such since February 2008. Since January 2003, Mr. Dargan has served as founder and principal of CFO 911, an organization of senior executives that provides accounting, finance and operational expertise to both public and private companies who are at strategic inflection points of their development and helps them effectively transition from one business stage to another. From March 2000 to January 2003, Mr. Dargan was the Chief Financial Officer of Semotus Solutions, Inc., an American Stock Exchange-listed wireless mobility software company. Mr. Dargan also serves as a director of Hiplink Software, Inc. and CPSM, Inc. Further, Mr. Dargan began his finance career in investment banking with Drexel Burnham Lambert and later became Managing Director of two regional firms, including Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin, where he was responsible for the management of the private placement activities of the firm. Mr. Dargan received his B.A. degree in Government from Dartmouth College, his M.B.A. degree and M.S.B.A. degree in Finance from the University of Southern California. Mr. Dargan is a CPA (inactive).

Joseph Provenzano - Executive Vice President of Operations 

Joseph L. Provenzano has been a director since June 2002, assumed the role of Corporate Secretary in March 2003, was appointed Executive Vice President of Operations in January 2008, and was appointed President of our subsidiary, Odor-No-More, Inc., upon the commencement of its operations in January 2010. He is a co-inventor on several of the company's patents and proprietary manufacturing processes, and has developed over 30 products from our CupriDyne® technology. Mr. Provenzano is now a recognized expert in the mitigation and control of malodors and VOCs. Mr. Provenzano began his corporate career in 1988 in the marketing field. In 2001 he began work with an investment holding company to manage their mergers and acquisitions department, participating in more than 50 corporate mergers and acquisitions.​

Joe was raised on a horse ranch in Northern California and has tended horses his entire life including working cattle, active in 4H showing horses and amateur rodeo as well as all aspects of their care and maintenance.


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