eWellness Healthcare Corp

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In brief

Phzio started as an idea to enable Physical Therapists with better access to their patients. We thought that if PTs have line-of-sight to their patients wherever they are, then the PTs are going to create better outcomes for their patients. When access is limited, so are results.

The Physical Therapy industry has always been able to get results for patients when they have been able to have more control over compliance. Historically, the industry has been racked with pressure coming from lowering reimbursements and increasing costs. To address this, we decided to define a model of Telehealth for Physical Therapy that:

  • Creates reliable outcomes
  • Extends the reach of the Clinic
  • Delivers higher Patient compliance rates

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Its PHZIO platform allows patients and physical therapists to “cut the cord from the old-school, wait in line, brick and mortar clinical experience”