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Verdant Minerals Ltd's (VRM) strategic intent is to create shareholder value through the discovery, development and operation of fertiliser and industrial mineral projects, located in close proximity to existing transport infrastructure, with a primary focus on the Northern Territory of Australia.

Ammaroo Phosphate Project, NT


The Ammaroo Phosphate Project is located 220km southeast of Tennant Creek. The project area contains the billion tonne 40km long Ammaroo Phosphate JORC Resource, the satellite Ammaroo South JORC Resource and the Rockhole phosphate prospect. A Bankable Feasibility Study and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) are currently underway with the Draft EIS is available for viewing by going directly to the EPA website http://www.ntepa.nt.gov.au/envirocomment.

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Karinga Lakes Potash Project, NT


The Karinga Lakes Project covers a chain of dry salt lakes along the Lasseter Highway between Alice Springs and Uluru. It is part of the Central Australian Groundwater Discharge Zone. The Verdant Minerals JV has defined a potash brine resource beneath the dry playa lakes. These brines could be used for the production of various fertiliser minerals. The water-soluble potassium-bearing mineral salts, loosely called "potash", include potassium sulfate (sulfate of potash, SOP which is usually a manufactured product) and potassium magnesium sulfate (schoenite or leonite). Schoenite can be obtained from the Karinga salt lake brines via solar evaporation in ponds and/or flotation processing. Other by-products are also being investigated.

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Patanella Phosphate Project, NT

Patanella (formerly also called Lucy Creek) on EL24716 is a rock phosphate deposit on the opposite side of the Georgina Basin from Verdant Minerals' flagship Northern Territory Ammaroo Resource. Patanella is 265km northeast of Alice Springs, 155km southwest of the Ammaroo Resource and 100km south-southeast of Ammaroo South.

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Lake Amadeus Potash Project, NT

Six contiguous ELs applications cover all of Lake Amadeus in the NT. The applications include 1,010km2 of lake area along a 130km length. The eastern boundary is contiguous with the Karinga Lakes Project and corresponds to the ALRA/pastoral boundary. The Lake Amadeus sediments are known to be much thicker than at Karinga. The best historical potassium assay is a BMR sample from a spring just off the southern edge of Lake Amadeus itself. This sample had 6,100(mg/l = ppm) potassium (over twice the cut-off concentration used in the Karinga Lakes Resource). Newmont gave a brine assay of 3,950ppm potassium at an unspecified location "from a soakage near the surface of the lake". Newmont also drilled twinned holes into the Bitter Springs Formation "basement" under Lake Amadeus (plotted in the following Figure). The Bitter Springs aquifer at 80-110 m depth did not contain significant potassium at that location.

Brunchilly Phosphate Project, NT

The Brunchilly Project consists of three contiguous phosphate ELs east of Bootu Creek Manganese Mine near Tennant Creek. Depth to basement geophysical modelling, waterbores, soil sampling, and previous phosphate drilling all indicate prospectivity. Vale undertook wide-spaced drilling before withdrawing from the Northern Territory. Their best intercept based on their criteria of thickness x grade / depth was 24m at 3.16% P2O5 from 42m with indication that this should improve into Verdant Minerals' tenement areas. Access is excellent; reconnaissance phosphate drilling could be undertaken at the intersections of the many tracks linking bores in the area. A waterbore study is in progress.

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Dingo Hole Silica Project, NT

This project is targeting potentially high-purity silica quartz rock. The titles are contiguous with and north of the Ammaroo phosphate project.

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Burge Bore Phosphate Project

This is a single EL that straddles the Central Australian Railway. Waterbore intercepts of phosphate and previous drilling by Vale indicate prospectivity. MIRA depth to basement modelling and more recent geophysical data acquired by petroleum explorers suggests that there are multiple basement ridges possibly reflecting a NW-SE trending folded and eroded basement which could be a locus for phosphate deposition.

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Weedens Phosphate Project

Previous exploration in the mid 1990s for under-cover Tennant Creek IOCG showed that the Cambrian section is at least 60m thick under parts of EL30672. The ground has only been held once previously for phosphate exploration, by Vale from 2010 to 2012. They drilled only three holes to 59m max, 5km apart, within the greater embayment, all south of EL30672. Vale was side-tracked by iron in the south of their former tenement package and suddenly withdrew NT-wide without testing the area now held by Territory Phosphate. An in-house waterbore study and reassessment of the Vale work has confirmed the prospectivity of this EL.

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Last updated 6th July 2018

James Whiteside
Non-Executive Chairman

Before joining Verdant Minerals in October 2016 and being appointed Non-Executive Chairman in November 2016, James Whiteside has had a successful and senior career in agriculture, most recently as Chief Operating Officer of Incitec Pivot Fertilisers ("IPF"), a division of Incitec Pivot Limited ("IPL"). IPF is Australia's largest input manufacturer and supplier into Australian agriculture, and is also a significant exporter of Australian made fertiliser into export markets. Whilst at IPF James was responsible for the establishment of a global trading joint venture based in Hong Kong, Quantum Fertilisers, and was CEO of Quantum for over five years. He also had executive responsibility for global procurement and supply chain for the IPL Group.

James is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and was a director of Quantum Fertilisers. He is a past director and chairman of Fertilizer Australia and a director of the International Fertilizer Association, and is a current director of Agribusiness Australia.

Jason Conroy
Non-Executive Director

Jason Conroy is an experienced senior executive and board member. He is CEO of MMJ PhytoTech Limited, an ASX-listed investment company. Prior to joing Verdant Minerals Ltd in August 2017, Jason was CFO of DUET Group, a member of the ASX100, for 9 years prior to its takeover in May 2017. Jason holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), Master of Business Administration (MBA), is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA) and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD).

Robert Cooper
Non-Executive Director

Robert Cooper is a mining engineer with more than 25 years' industry experience, having held leadership roles across a diverse range of commodities, both in Australia and overseas. He has a broad foundation of operating and technical experience in both operations and project development. Before joining Verdant Minerals in July 2016, Robert has previously held leadership positions with BHP Billiton as General Manager of Leinster Nickel Operations within Nickel West, Project Manager of a BHP Billiton-wide project, and as Asset President of Ekati Diamonds in Canada. He more recently held positions with Discovery Metals as General Manager-Operations in Botswana and as General Manager-Development in their Brisbane office. Robert is currently the CEO of CopperChem Limited and also Exco Resources Limited, both of which are 100% owned subsidiaries of the Washington H Soul Pattinson Group of companies.

Chris Tziolis
Managing Director

Prior to joining Verdant Minerals Ltd in October 2012, Chris previously held senior management roles at Rio Tinto, most recently as the Chief Development Officer of Energy Resources of Australia Ltd. He was also the Manager of Business Development and Manager of Rail and Port Infrastructure with Rio Tinto Coal Australia. Before that, he worked for McKinsey and Company primarily engaged on strategy development and performance improvement for global mining companies. Chris is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has a MBA, MA in International Relations and a BSc in Chemistry.


Last updated 6th July 2018

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